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Demonstration of Recent Dynamic Strain Meters

Mr. Yuvaraj Hangirgekar, an expert from M/s Proact IMS Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore demonstrated  the recent developments in dynamic strain meters at WRI recently. This instrument has the capacity of recording strains sensed by strain gauges at a very high frequency rate and multiple channel recordings are also possible.

Welding of Aluminium and its Alloys – AlWeld2k16

WRI in association with IWS SZ organised a two day workshop named as Alweld 2K16 on the theme of “Welding of Aluminum and its alloys during the period October 17 to 18, 2016.Aluminium alloys are known to offer numerous benefits in terms of appearance, strength to weight ratio, etc. and finds application in a variety of industrial sectors. However, joining these materials without much loss in the properties will require careful attention and stringent procedure control measures. In this backdrop the event was conducted .Dr. V. Anananthanarayanan, President, Innovative Welding Solutions, USA, who has long experience in the field of joining aluminum alloys, was the lead speaker. There were several interactive sessions and the participants drawn from various industries benefitted immensely.

WRI organises International Welding Symposium IWS2k16 at Mumbai

A three-day International Welding Symposium titled IWS2k16 with the theme Joining India, Skilling and Manufacturing for Growth’ was conducted at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre at Mumbai from 5th October 2016, organised jointly by Welding Research Institute, BHEL, Tiruchirappalli and the Indian Welding Society. Dr. S. B. Singh, Director, Naval Materials Research Laboratory, Ambernath, was the Chief Guest of the Inaugural function of the event. Dr. Roland Boecking, General Manager of the German Welding Society was the Guest of Honour along with Mr. Satish Bhat, Managing Director of Ador Welding Limited. Mr. Oliver P Kuhrt, Messe Essen also graced the occasion, presided over by Mr. S Gopinath, President of the Indian Welding Society.
There were three plenary sessions and 10 technical sessions in the symposium during the three days. The plenary speakers were eminent researchers who made their mark in the respective fields of research work. The event attracted over 80 technical presentations, with over a dozen from international experts from seven overseas countries, which included Germany, France, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Austria and Brazil. There was a good blend of the industry and academia participation, with well over 200 delegates which marked the resounding success of the event

Besides its courses and training programmes, WRI is regularly organising seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences covering the entire gambit of materials joining.  More than 60 such events were organised so for by the institute.  In the last two years, WRI organised the following events.

Advancements in Welding Torches
Mr. Sschuichi Ota and Mr. Naoto Kondo from M/s TOKIN Japan spoke on the current happenings and advancements in the welding torches used today  on July 01, 2016. The latest developments in the welding torches like better handle grip for good comfort and ease to handle, protecting the cable from over bending to prevent failures during wire feeding, quick exchange system, endurance and flexibility in operation,  improved strength of torch body using metallic construction, etc were discussed.



Deformation Studies on Titanium Alloys
Dr. I. Balasundar, Scientist ‘F’, DMRL spoke on the deformations studies carried out on titanium alloys and the details of the work carried out in DMRL. He touched upon the basics of titanium alloy, formability issues and applications in aerospace sector. He also dwelled on how to convert the lamellar microstructure to equiaxed structure through deformation mapping, FEM and experimental approach.


Advancements in NDT Solutions & Developments
Mr. Chris Magruder, Advanced UT expert, M/s Olympus NDT, USA delivered a technical talk on July 21, 2016 covering  the basics of PAUT and capabilities of its  latest development which includes

  1. Dual matrix array probes for difficult to penetrate welds like stainless steel and nickel based alloys
  2. Compound scan for improved coverage of inspection 
  3. Advanced inspection techniques for corrosion mapping

Mr. Chris Magruder is also a code committee member of ASME involved in development of advanced UT procedure in ASME code.

Welding of TMCP Steel and Advances in GMAW
Mr. Manfred Schorghuber from M/s Fronius International GmbH, Austria spoke on the above topic on Apr 4, 2016. In his talk, he discussed the criticality in welding of Thermo – Mechanically Control Processed plates / pipes for high strength applications. The materials possess yield strength in the range of 500-600 MPa yield strength making them suitable for demanding applications. The welding of such materials to be carried out with care to retain the properties. In the second part, he discussed the emerging applications with the appropriate window for CMT/TPSi power sources.
Spin Arc Technologies – A Technological Breakthrough in MIG Process
Mr. Neeraj Lohia from Bug-O Systems International, India gave a talk on the subject on Apr 13, 2016. Initially, he discussed various flexible automation solutions available with them for different applications involving butt, fillet welding, etc. In the later part, he covered the details of Spin Arc Technologies. It is a unique development of Bug-O systems which gives a spin to the arc with a cam arrangement at the tip of the wire. This gives a stirring effect to the arc thereby giving advantages like improved penetration, wider gap bridging, refined microstructures improving the strength and toughness properties, etc. The other advantage is that it comes as a separate attachment and can be used with any type of power sources. WRI is planning to procure one to develop some innovative applications.
Increasing Applications of Magnetic Pulse Welding
Magnetic Pulse welding is a solid state joining process suitable for applications involving dissimilar combinations like Al-Cu, Al-steel, etc., which will be a tough combination to achieve otherwise. The process of joining is achieved by sudden discharge of high current giving a huge push to one of the components to be welded against the other, thereby creating the joint at the interface. Mr. Bhavani Shankar from Magpulse Technologies, Bangalore gave an exhaustive overview of the process along with the applications they have developed this technology at WRI on Apr 15, 2016
6th Welding Research & Collaboration Colloquium
Mr. R. Easwaran, GM/WRI & labs and Mr. B. Shanmugarajan, Mgr./WRI attended the 6th Research Colloquium of International Institute of Welding organized at Hyderabad by Indian Institute of Welding during 7-9 Apr 2016. The research colloquium is an initiative by International Institute of Welding to identify the gaps prevailing in different areas of welding, which can be the areas of research for the future. This colloquium was conducted during April 07-09, 2016 and had exclusive sessions pertaining to seven different sectors viz., Power & Energy, Defence, Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering & Shipbuilding and Automotive & Surface Transportation. Each session had four to five presentations from the leading experts in the field. The colloquium had good international participation with around 25 participants from many leading international institutes like ANSTO, University of Wollongong, JWRI, etc. Each session chair briefed on the areas of concern before the start of the session. GM/WRI & Labs chaired the session on Power and Energy. From each session, five areas were identified for pursuing future research.
A flash talk was delivered by Mr. B. Shanmugarajan on the topic ‘Enhancing Applications for Thermo Mechanical Simulation in Welding’, which covered some of the innovative applications/R&D carried out with Gleeble Thermal Cycle Simulator available at WRI.
A poster presentation was also made on the topic ‘Development of Welding Consumables for Better Performance – WRI Experience’ The poster highlighted the developments of WRI in consumable front.
Nuances and Applications of TiP TiG Welding
A workshop was organised on “Nuances and Applications of TiP TiG Welding – An Overview” in collaboration with TiP TiG International. Mr. Franco Ferrari, CEO of the company, gave an exhaustive overview of the process and its applications. He explained the advantages of the process especially for welding of stainless steels and nickel based superalloys. The process has immense potential for both welding and overlaying. He has also demonstrated the practical applications of the process in weldingof materials like steels, aluminium, nickel alloy 62,etc.


In the afternoon, he also spent some time in BHEL shop floors to examine if TiP TIG could offer productivity solutions for some of our products. This was co-ordinated by WTC.


WRI along with IWS organised the International Welding Symposium, IWS2k14 at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Mumbai during 28-30, October 2014. The event had 336 delegates, 102 technical papers. WRI planned and organised the technical sessions. Two exclusive sessions from WRI’s international partners – DVS – Germany and JWRI – Japan - added value to the Symposium. The vent was well received and there was all round appreciation of the conduct and contents of the event. The international Welding and Cutting Fair organised by MDI and Messe Essen was concurrently held.


Asean Skill Competition on Welding

Asean Skill Competition on Welding – Shri M Kayarohanam Sr. Engineer WRI and Ms M Girija Artisan TP/BPN had the unique opportunity to witness 10th ASEAN Skill Competition 2014 at Hanoi, Vietnam during 23-28 October 2014. They were selected by NSDC, GOI as Indian delegates to observe the Welding skill at the above competition, to have an international exposure on the skill competitions conducted internationally. The selection is based on the performance of Ms. M. Girija in the Regional selection for the World Skill competition conducted by NSDC. Sri. Kayarohanam has been the trainer.


Workshop on Narrow Gap Hot Wire TIG Welding

Workshop on Narrow Gap Hot Wire TIG Welding: A half a day workshop was organized in collaboration with M/s Polysoude, France, on the application of Hot Wire TIG welding. Mr. Hans Peter Mariner, Polysoude explained the advantages and applications of NG welding. He has also explained the various options w.r.t. torches available for different welding configurations like layer by layer welding, welding with oscillating electrode, etc. in applications like welding of tubes, pipes, etc. He has further highlighted the options available for both external and internal cladding applications. Executives of WRI, WTC, Labs, etc. have participated in the workshop


Workshop on Orbital Welding

Workshop on Orbital Welding: WRI organized a half a day workshop in collaboration with M/s Arc Machines Inc., USA on the topic “Orbital Narrow Gap TIG Welding and its Latest Development” on November 07, 2014. Mr. Himadri S Pal, Country Manager, Arc Machines Inc. has covered in detail the orbital TIG welding, its applications and also the state of the art in the technology. Executives of WRI have attended the workshop.


Workshop on Advanced Metallography of Metals and Alloys

Workshop on Advanced Metallography of Metals and Alloys: A half a day workshop was organized on the mentioned topic in collaboration with M/s Tescan, Czech Republic. Dr. Martin Petrenec, Materials Science Specialist from M/s Tescan was the speaker. Dr. Martin, in his talk covered the basics of SEM, signal generation, the uses and applications of SEM, etc. and also discussed in detail about the advanced metallographic analyses possible with SEM like EBSD, STEM, etc. Executives of WRI and Plant lab have participated in the workshop



Advances in Flux Shielded Welding Processes - A Flux ’14

Advances in Flux Shielded Welding Processes - A Flux ’14: WRI in collaboration with IWS has organized a one day seminar on the mentioned topic on November 29, 2014. The seminar has deliberated on various topics related to the theme like Advanced Power Sources for SMAW and SAW Processes, Development in Consumables, Repair and Reclamation, Activated Flux TIG welding, etc. Participants from different industries and colleges have attended the seminar. Mr. C P Ravichandran, Dr. G Buvanashekaran and Dr. K. P Thandapani, delivered Key Note Lectures. Sri. B. Pattabhiraman, GB Group, inaugurated and Mr. R. Easwaran, GM (WRI & Labs) briefed about the event.



Sri. Anant Geete, Honorable Minister for Heavy Industries visited WRI on November 19, 2014. The activities and contributions of WRI in R&D, training, etc. were highlighted to him. He was highly impressed with the work of WRI and he wrote on the visitor’s book as follows: “Welding Research Institute is making an important and significant contribution for the success of Prime Minister’s ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign by training good quality welders for the nation”


Am proud of your contributions & keep the WRI Flag high all the time.

Mr. R. Krishnamurthy, Founder Head of WRI, interacted with the executives of WRI on November 15, 2014. He recalled the initiatives taken during his period by considering the models of world renowned institutes like TWI, Paton Welding Institute, etc. The interaction was very useful for the executives of WRI. He felt WRI could spread its wings across India with more Centres, considering the huge skill gaps for welders in the country. In the visitor’s book he wrote: “Am proud of your contributions & keep the WRI Flag high all the time.”


Workshop on “Advances in Welding for Automotive Sector”
With a view to galvanise growth of the already robust automobile industry, WRI provided automobile industries a common technology platform through a workshop on ‘Advances in Welding for Automotive Sector' in Feb, 2011.  About 62 officials from 27 organisations participated in this workshop. Inaugurating the workshop, Mr.  A. V. Krishnan, Executive Director, BHEL, Tiruchirappalli, highlighted the importance of R&D in welding to meet the functional requirements in the present day scenario. Mr. S. Narayanan, Head, Product Development-India, WABCO-TVS, Chennai delivered the special address. A demonstration of the latest techniques at the WRI workshop enabled participants to get an insight into the new developments in welding.
FAB 91 (Fabrication and Processing of Grade 91 Material) & interaction with Power Sector Representatives
A first of its kind workshop in India on ‘Fabrication and Processing of Grade 91 material' (FAB 91) was organised by WRI in association with the Tiruchirappalli chapter of the Indian Institute of Metals between Feb. 25 and 26, 2011 at Tiruchirappalli. Director (E, R&D) Shri O. P. Bhutani inaugurated FAB 91. Shri A.V. Krishnan, Executive Director, presided over the function.  Shri Ranjan Sahi, Executive Director, BHEL, New Delhi, presented the first copy of the workshop CD to Mr. R. Sundar, Director of Boilers, Tamil Nadu. Experts from renowned organisations across the world made detailed presentations on grade 91 materials, fabrication and in-service behaviours, NDE, RLA and the castings and forgings. On this occasion, an Interaction session was held with the delegates representing various industries from Power Sector. This session was chaired by General Manager (R&D, WRI & LABS). In this context, 15 major boiler and power plant equipment manufacturers including utility owners were invited to give their views on the future challenges and requirements in power sector.  The requirements and support from WRI to power sector were suggested by the speakers.
Workshop on “Indigenous development of consumables for Grade 91 materials”
A Workshop on “Indigenous development of consumables for Grade 91 materials” was organized on Jan. 20, 2012 by WRI, in which more than 20 participants from 10 leading welding consumable manufacturers of India participated and deliberations held on the super critical and ultra super critical boiler technology. Design, testing, production and marketing of welding consumables, the ways and means of test requirements for consumables intended for use in supercritical and ultra-supercritical boilers intended for joining Cr-Mo steels, stainless steels or nickel base alloys were discussed in the workshop. Dr S Suresh, the then Head /WRI welcomed the gathering and explained that in future supercritical and advanced ultra supercritical boilers will have very stringent requirements. Mr. C P Ravichandran made presentation on the proposed creep test facility and the modalities of a multi-party venture/ consortium between the government and the consumable manufacturers were discussed.
Focus group meeting on Aerospace and Defense applications
WRI had organized a focused group meeting with the customers from various defence and aerospace sectors on 21, January 2012 to understand their needs in welding and allied areas. The meeting was chaired by Dr. S. Sundarrajan, Director, National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Senior scientists, researchers and engineers from different government and private organisations such as DRDL, DMRL, ADA, BDL, ARCI, Brahmos Aerospace, Godrej & Boyce, TATA Nova Integrated, attended the meeting. Dr. S. Suresh, the then GM, WRI & Labs welcomed the gathering and highlighted the importance of the meeting and affirmed that BHEL is seriously evaluating the option of setting up an exclusive centre at WRI with the support of ISRO/ DRDO/ DST to cater to the needs of defence and aerospace sectors.
Scientists from the participating organisations presented their requirements and the key areas where they would require WRI’s assistance. The requirements covered various issues starting from weldability studies on various defence and aerospace grade materials to control of distortion to very tight tolerance in large structures.   The presentations also covered the trivial and recurring issues. Each presentation was followed by detailed discussion to identify the technological gap that still persists in each case compare to state-of-the-art and also to identify the responsibilities of the participating organisations in technology development.

Meeting with Mr. Hiroshi Imaizumi of M/s. Aichi Sangyo Co. Ltd. Japan on welding automation projects
On November 1, 2012, the delegation led by GM (WRI & Labs) including Dr. A. Raja, Mrs. A. Santhakumari, Mr. N. Rajasekaran, Mr. D K Verma and Mr. Lucky Gaur met Mr. Hiroshi Imaizumi of  M/s Aichi Sangyo of Japan  at Mumbai on the development of automated technology / equipments for some of the application for BHEL Units.
Meeting with M/s Midhani team for development of materials for AUSC boilers
On 28th November 2012, a team from MIDHANI visited WRI to have detailed discussions on the requirement of advanced materials for new product development. Mr.Hanumantha Rao, AGM (Marketing), Dr. Chatterjee (AGM (R&D), Mr. Acharya, AGM (QC), Shri Thanikachalam, DGM (CCO), Dr. Rajasekar, DGM (KAPP), Mr. Dwivedi, DGM (Fasteners and Valves) (all from MIDHANI) and members from BHEL – (ATP, PE(FB), Valves, R&D and WRI) participated in the discussions.  Dr Chatterjee presented about the material requirements for power plant applications. He listed the material property requirements for power plant applications. He mentioned about the processing route for different materials including various grades of stainless steels, Inconel 617, Inconel 740 etc. He also highlighted the facilities like re-melting available at MIDHANI and listed the various tests performed on a material for the purpose of qualification for the end use. Dr Rajasekar of MIDHANI spoke about the welding consumables which can be developed by MIDHANI.
Workshop on welding consumables
A team of eight technical experts from Kobe Steel, Japan visited WRI on 03.09.12. A workshop on welding & consumables for advanced materials for power plant applications was organized by WRI. Mr. A V Krishnan, Executive Director, inaugurated and Mr. R Kumar, the then GM (IC) BHEL(T) presided over the workshop. About 60 executives of various departments including WRI attended the workshop. The following presentations made during the workshop-
“Effect of PWHT Temperature on mechanical properties of High-Cr Ferritic heat-resistant steel weld metals”
“New MIG welding process “MX-MIG” combined (Ar only shield gas) with special flux cored wires”
“Development of a covered electrode for Nickel base alloys (ENiCrCoMo-1)”
“Introduction of welding material for Sumitomo SUPER304H”.

Workshop on “recent advances in inverter power sources for welding” by OTC Daihen, Japan
On 5th November 2012, Mr. Okazaki Kazuo, Mr. Knoshita Kinya & Mr.  Morimoto Keiki of OTC, Daihen, Japan made a detailed presentation on recent advances in inverter power sources for welding to the executives of WRI, ATP, WTC, QC, Unit II, Modernisation & CBC.


Seminar by JWRI

Following the signing of MOU between WRI and JWRI, a seminar by JWRI on the following topics were organised for the executives of WRI and BHEL.

Plasma diagnostics and simulation of welding arcs - Prof. Manabu Tanaka
The presentation threw light on the experimental work which explains the temperature distribution pattern in the GMAW arc and also the now-why of the observation, that the core of the arc shows a lower temperature, as compared to the outside of the arc and this is due to metal vapour in the arc plasma. The experimentation work involved measurement of plasma temperature at various zones of the arc and metal vapour concentration at these zones. Using a pure iron wire GMAW arc, and analysing using a specially developed set of monochromators for Ar and Fe with high speed photography, the above could be explained. The increasing iron metal vapour in the plasma increases radiation loss from the plasma, contributing to the relatively lower temperature at the centre of the arc. The presentations gave an insight into the potential of these tools to understand the basic arc phenomena in welding and also linking them with numerical modelling data. Measuring is believing!

Time resolved x ray diffraction analysis of phase transformation of steel weld - Prof. Hidenori Terasaki
The presentation by Prof. Terasaki explained the microstructural changes in the welding process by effective X-ray diffraction. Three potential tools for such studies were explained. The first example used the bright x-rays generated by the large Synchrotron Radiation Source facility at Hyogo, where a multi-axis goniometer with a TIG welding fixture with remote handling is used, around the x-ray source. The bright x-ray diffraction patterns versus the temperature are tracked, and this helps in identifying the various metallurgical phases as they transform. Another special facility available and a powerful tool at JWRI is Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSCM). Here, a sample is kept at the focal point of a Halogen lamp and a He-Ne Laser is used to scan the surface. As the material sample is heated and cooled inside the pure argon chamber using infra-red furnace, the high temperature LSCM tracks the microstructural changes point by point and a computer generates the 3D picture of the surface. Similarly, there is a provision to examine minor phases in weld metal using SEM with Electron Back Scatter Diffraction (SEM-EBSD).Seeing is believing!

Macro and micro plasticity analysis for fatigue life assessment of steel - Prof. Seiichiro Tsutsumi
The lecture by Prof. Tsutsumi explained the trends in Modelling studies in designing for fatigue as also life assessment.  The elasto – plastic constitutive modelling for low / high cycle fatigue behaviour and prediction of crack nucleation life on the macro scale and the Crystal Plasticity FE Analysis of cyclic softening behaviour under macroscopically elastic stresses, were explained in this context. The studies at JWRI have been able to get good correlation between the experimental and modelling studies. The modelling tool has wider potential in fracture mechanics studies. Modelling is believing!

International Conference on Advances in Cutting, Welding and Surfacing (CWS 2011)

WRI joined hands with IWS and CODISSIA and organised a two day international conference on “Advances in Cutting, Welding and Surfacing – CWS 2011” at CODISSIA Trade Fair complex, Coimbatore.   More than 55 papers were presented in parallel sessions during January 22-23, 2011 from various organisations including M/s Kemppi, Kobe Steel, ESAB, MTI, WRI, ARCI, L&T, DMRL, Gullco, etc. The papers presented in the conference covered  wider areas like automation at construction sites, power sources, Friction stir welding,  thermal spraying, water jet cutting, robotic welding, laser welding, cutting & surfacing, friction stir surfacing, welding technology for power sector, training of welders, etc. WRI’s capabilities were showcased in the concurrent FABTEC exhibition which was conducted concurrently.

International Workshop on Fabrication of Structurals - Emerging Trends [FASET 2011]

WRI, as knowledge partner, organized a two-day conference on `Fabrication of Structurals - Emerging Trends’ with Indian Welding Society (IWS), Southern Zone. The conference has facilitated new dimensions to the industries on the aspects of safe design, easy to manufacture and erect structurals using new equipment. The need for industries to accord higher importance for fabrication of structurals and structured training of welders on the applications of the product and safety factor of welding have been discussed.
Workshop on “Weldability of Chrome Moly Steels”
Prof. Leijun Li of Utah State University, USA made a technical presentation on weldability of chrome moly steels and the studies conducted using Gleeble Thermo – Mechanical Simulator at his university on 21 Nov 2012. The work done by Prof. Li in Thermal Cycle Simulation is acclaimed across the world. His lecture at WRI highlighted with examples of some of the potential of the TCS system and this will be helpful in planning our further research activities in our Gleeble system.  Earlier Dr. Li visited WRI facilities and joint working with Utah University has to be explored further. In the Visitor’s Book he wrote, “There is a very impressive array of equipment and expertise at WRI. I learned a lot. Wish we have chances to work on projects.”
International Welding Symposium (IWS 2k12)

WRI, in association with Indian Welding Society (IWS), DVS – German Welding Society, Messe Essen, Messe Dusseldorf India and Asian Welding Federation, has conducted the International Welding Symposium (IWS 2k12).
The mega event was conducted at Bombay Exhibition & Convention Centre, Mumbai between 30th October 2012 and 1st November 2012.  Dr.Ing. Klaus Middeldorf, Director DVS (German Welding Society) inaugurated the Symposium.  Mr. A V Krishnan, Executive Director, BHEL Tiruchirappalli complex presided over the function.  Mr. R. Easwaran, General Manager (WRI & Labs) briefed about IWS 2k12.  About 128 technical papers including about 40 papers from overseas authors were presented. Mr. S Gopinath, Executive Director (BHEL- PPPU & Piping Centre) presided over the valedictory function.  Following are the highlights of IWS 2k12:

  • WRI conducted a survey among the participants to understand the needs of Indian industry during the symposium.
  • Exclusive session “Ship Building” was conducted by WRI and in that session, the capabilities of WRI were presented.  As an immediate effect, WRI got an enquiry from a customer for development and supply of Electro Gas Welding System for a shipyard.
  • Exclusive sessions on Thermal Spray and Automotive Industry were conducted in association with DVS, Germany.
  • Twelve papers were presented from WRI including 3 invited talks.
International Symposium on Joining of Materials (SOJOM 2012)

WRI had organized an International Symposium on Joining of Materials 2012 (SOJOM 2012) at Tiruchirappalli with a concurrent exhibition “Weld Expo 2012”, in which the state of art equipment / systems were displayed by renowned organizations for the benefit of the fabrication companies in and around Tiruchirappalli.  
In the Symposium, more than 130 technical papers were presented.
The following important events organised leveraging SOJOM 2012.

  • An exclusive technical session by DVS – German Welding Society on the latest technologies in Germany- on 20th Jan. 2012.
  • 19th Inter Unit Welding Review Meeting was held on 18th Jan 2012.
  • Focus Group meeting on Aerospace and Defense applications to explore the possibilities of expanding WRI services in the field was held on 21st Jan 2012.
  • A meeting with DST and consumable manufacturers for indigenous development of consumables for Grade 91 materials on 20th Jan 2012.
  • Recent developments of WRI and BHEL have been showcased in the WELD EXPO 2012.
  • A survey on future welding technology needs of Indian Welding Industries was conducted.
  • Meeting between Linde Group, Germany and WRI for joint working in the areas of Cutting and preheating gases as well as in surfacing technology.

Technical presentation on Stainless Steel welds by Dr. Damian Kotecki
Former President of the American Welding Society, Dr. Damian Kotecki made a visit to WRI on 16th of August 2013 and shared his experience with Stainless steel welds. Dr. Kotecki explained about the formation of martensitic boundaries as per WRC -1992 diagram, expressed his experience on how to protect stainless steel welds from major welding defects and interacted with the representatives of WRI on the major practical problems faced in stainless steel welding. He also visited the facilities at WRI. His views on WRI:
“It has been a very enlightening experience to see the depth and breadth of the activities of WRI. Modern process development such as pulsed gas GMA welding and old process application such as oxy-acetylene welding to repair temple and church bells sit side by side. I especially appreciate the dedicated staff of WRI who shares their experiences and their projects so openly. This is certainly a world class institute! I am grateful for the opportunity to visit again.” - Dr. Damian Kotecki

International Conference on Automation in Welding

Dr. A. Raja, AGM, WRI delivered an invited talk on “Automation of Welding in Fabrication Sectors - an Indian Experience" in a two-day IIW International Conference on Automation in Welding organised by DVS. The paper was co-authored by Shri. R. Easwaran, GM/WRI & Labs. During his visit, Dr. Raja visited the Power Source Evaluation Lab at Hannover to have first-hand knowledge of the advanced facilities in the laboratory, Germany and discussed with GTZ consultant Prof. (Dr.) D. Rehfeldt on possible future collaboration.

International Conference on Advances inMaterials Technology for Fossil Power Plants

Mr.R.Ravibharath, SDE, WRI attended 7thInternational Conference on “Advances inMaterials Technology for Fossil Power Plants”in October 2013 at Hawaii, USA. Theconference has provided a perfect platform forpromotion of information exchange betweenscientists and engineers on an international scale.The conference had deliberations coveringvarious material related issues for boilers,turbines and other critical components of plant. The topics covered include new materials developmentconcepts, advanced design, materials processing of advanced alloys, plant economics, etc.

Indo-Korean Joint Workshop on Robotics

Dr. A. Raja AGM/WRI visited Jeju, Korea as part of the Indian delegation to participate in the 6th Indo-Korea Joint Workshop on “Robotics” held during October 2013 at Ramada Plaza, Jeju, Korea. The workshop was hosted by Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning of Korea and Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and organised by Asian Research Network (ARN) and Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The sponsors of the workshop were Korea Institute of Science &Technology, Korea Robotic Society, Korea Nano Technology Research Society and Hanyang University. Dr. A. Raja presented a technical paper on “Robot Welding in Heavy Engineering Applications” which was well received. The paper highlighted some of the achievements of BHEL in Robot welding automation and future technology needs of heavy engineering industries in India.

Indo-Japan Workshop

Mrs. A. Santhakumari, DGM and Mr.B.Shanmugarajan, DM, visitedJoining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI), Osaka, Japan, WRI’s international MOU partner during Nov’13 to participate in the JWRI-INDO workshop and presented papers on “Weld defect to signature correlation in pulsed GMAW process” and “Plasma welding studies on Aluminium and high temperature materials”. The presentations were well-received by the participants and sparked good interactions. Subsequently, they visited various facilities of JWRI including laser processing centre, friction stir welding centre, arc physics laboratory, etc. The visit was very helpful in understanding the state of the art in the area of welding and allied areas.


WRI conducted a joint workshop on Welding in Ship Building in association with NIRDESH, Calicut during 28th July to 31st July, 2014. The workshop was inaugurated by Cmdr. P R Raghunath, Director, Ship building, MDL. In his inaugural address mentioned that good welding is critical to the long life and fighting efficiency of warships. He appreciated the efforts of Nirdesh in training shipyard engineers and said that Nirdesh should focus on areas such as R&D, design and technology development to support India’s war shipbuilding efforts. Dr. G. Buvanashekaran outlined the collaborative initiatives between WRI and NIRDESH and detailed about the R&D and knowledge dissemination work being done at WRI for the benefit of nation during his opening remarks. Later, Dr G Buvanashekaran, AGM/WRI and Dr N Raju, DGM/WRI delivered lectures on various topics related to welding application in shipbuilding

A workshop was arranged at WRI on the theme of “State of the art Welding Torches for Varied Applications” on August 5, 2014 at 14.00 Hours at WRI Conference Hall. Mr. Felix Binzel, Managing Director, TBi Industries, Germany was the speaker. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Binzel gave an insight into some of the newer welding torches that have been developed and being brought into the market. The topic of such special torches was interesting for the large gathering of over 50 executives from BHEL and WRI who attended from various areas. Some of these hold promise for adoption in our shop floors. Earlier, GM (WRI & Labs) welcomed the speaker and the gathering.

Dr V.Ananthanarayanan, President, Innovative Weld Solutions, Ohio, USA, was at WRI on 22 Aug 2014 and spoke in the Workshop on “Advances in Welding – the US Experience” organised at WRI Auditorium.Highlighting the innovations in automotive sector, he spoke about the US $70 Million initiative ALMMII, which is tasked with designing and validating the most efficient light weight automobile possible with available technologies and improvements engineered
WRI in collaboration with NIRDESH, Kozhikode, organized a two day workshop on “Welding in Shipbuilding- WISH 2K15” during July 03-04, 2015, third in the series since, it was started in 2013. The workshop was inaugurated br Cdr. R. P. Raghunath and Mr. S. Gopinath, ED, PPPU, Thirumayam and PC, Chennai presided over the inauguration. Mr. S. Gopinath, ED/PPU & PC mentioned that this workshop will definitely benefit the delegates from both government and private sector shipbuilding companies to share know-how and to develop state-of-the-art methodology and capabilities for world class shipbuilding, which will eventually contribute to the success of ‘Make in India’ campaign. In his inaugural address, Cdr. Raghunath outlined the challenges in shipbuilding industry in India particularly in welding of thin steel plates used for the hulls of ships. He has also lauded the efforts of WRI and invaluable contribution to various sectors, especially to shipbuilding sector. Mr. R. Easwaran, GM/WRI & labs delivered the welcome address and Dr. G. Ravichandran, AGM / WRI & Labs proposed the vote of thanks. The workshop had participants from different shipbuilding industries pertaining to both public and private sectors. During the workshop, various topics of interests to the shipbuilding industries like welding processes, Defects, NDE, Distortion and its control, etc. were covered by the experts of WRI. All the participants were also given a guided tour to the facilities of WRI. In the concluding session, Mr. Parthasarathy Sasi Anand, Fronius India Pvt. Ltd. delivered a talk on the topic “Robotics and Automation in Welding Applications for Shipbuilding” which was well received by the participants
Special lecture programmes
Mr. Ingber Klopfer from M/s Rumul, Switzerland delivered a lecture on “High Cycle Fatigue Testing” on July 02, 2015. In his lecture he has clearly explained the principle and features of Rumul Resonant Fatigue Testing Machines such as the range of nominal loading condition, various software tools and features, etc. He has also highlighted the benefits of high cycle fatigue testing compared to LCF in terms of shorter test duration, low running and maintenance costs.
Mr. Christian Ahrens, Managing Director, Foreign Business, GSI-SLV delivered a talk on Welding Education and Training in Germany. In his talk he covered the details and methodology adopted in imparting welding education and the gaps that exist in the availability of skilled workers even in developed countries like Germany.
    Mr. K. Srinivasan, Engr./ Labs delivered a lecture on surface preparation, painting and other special coating process to newly inducted Authorised Inspection Agencies
ResApp – Resistance Welding & Its Applications

A workshop was organized at S.K. Mazumder Hall, Institution Building on the above topic on October 07, 2015. In the first half, Mr. Stefan Schreiber from GSI SLV Duisburg, Germany delivered a talk on “Current Trends in Resistance Welding in the Automotive Sector”. He talked on the technique, capabilities, advantages and recent developments pertaining to resistance welding for thin sheet applications mainly for automotive industries. In the second half, Dr. K. Asokkumar, AGM/WTC gave a talk on “Industrial Applications of Resistance Welding in India”. The workshop was attended by executives of WRI, WTC, etc. along with external participants.