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Need based applied research in the field of joining of materials for meeting the needs of industrial applications

Welding  Automation & Robotisation

    • Two wheeler frames
    • Transformer tanks
    • Valve components
    • Tube to tube
    • Rotor assemblies
    • Pipe to branch tubes

Robotic Laser Hybrid welding

    • Capacitor Box
    • Long seam welds of tubes and pipes
Magnetically Impelled Arc Butt welding
    • Tube to tube butt joints for automotive sectors
    • Tubular structures

Orbital GMA welding for pipes

    • Cross country pipe lines
    • Power piping
    • Water pipe lines
Deformation resistance welding
    • Automotive Fuel tanks
    • Complex shaped thin sheets
Friction Stir Welding & Surfacing
    • Aluminium and its alloys
    • Hardfacing
Robotic Tandem MIG Welding
    • Automotive wheels
    • Thick walled sections
Fatigue studies
    • Fatigue life assessment
    • Incipient damage assessment
Laser Applications
    • Air hardening of steel components
    • Laser cladding of components
Weldability of materials
    • Tungsten bearing Cr – Mo Steels
    • Copper bearing SS
    • Nickel alloys
    • Armor Steels
Welding Engineering and RLA
    • Weld design optimization
    • Component life evaluation