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Welding of Tempered Martensitic 9-12% Cr Steels by Bohler Welding GmbH, Germany
A half-day workshop on “Welding of Tempered Martensitic 9-12% Cr Steels” was organised at WRI on November 28, 2015. Mr. P. Volker Gross, Head, Application Technology from M/s Voestalpine Bohler Welding GmbH, Germany, presented an exhaustive overview of the weldability aspects of these  creep strength enhanced ferritic steel.

Workshop on Overview of Coating Technologies
A half day workshop was organized on “overview of coating technologies”  on October 26, 2015 at Valves Conference Hall. Mr. K.R.K. Varier, GM (Mktg.) from Sai Surface Coatings, Hyderabad gave an exhaustive overview of various coating technologies covering both conventional and non-conventional technologies like plasma spraying, twin wire arc, HVOF, D-Gun, Laser Cladding, etc. He has also highlighted the applications developed by M/s Sai Surface Coatings for different sectors. The workshop was attended by executives from Valves, WRI, ATP, etc.

Technical Presentation by M/s Spudweb Technologies, Chennai
Technical presentation by  M/s Spudweb Technologies, Chennai was held on  on October 01, 2015 at WRI  A series of presentations on software platforms developed by the firm  for applications like Weld volume calculation, Design of pressure vessels, Maintenance management and Design Automation were made...

Half Day Workshop on September 25, 2015 by Kaiyuan Welding & Cutting Automation, China:  

A half day workshop was organized on the topic “Automation Solutions for Welding and Cutting in Power Plant Applications”. A team from M/s Kaiyuan Welding & Cutting Automation, China, including the Managing Director of the company presented on various innovations carried out by the company. The hot wire TIG welding with wire heated to a temperature of 1000 °C, narrow gap technologies for welding upto 400 mm thick material with a groove angle of 1-2° with a maximum of 2 passes per layer of weld deposits were discussed.

Half Day Workshop on September 23, 2015 by Vallourec, France:
Mr. Moulin Jonathan, Tech. Customer Support Manager from M/s Vallourec, France was the speaker. Initially, he outlined the scope of the presentation, which covered the issues faced in Europe by Alstom especially, when the boiler efficiency requirement is increasing from the sub- critical to ultra-super critical range, and discussed the salient features of newly introduced materials like T23 and  T24..

Half Day Workshop on September 03, 2015 by Kobe Steel, Japan:

Researchers from M/s Kobe Steel, Japan gave presentations on “Arc Welding for P91 Material & Newly Developed Consumables” and Basic Knowledge of Arc Welding of Stainless Steel”. In first session, Mr. Yasutaka Banno of Kobe Steel explained about their newly developed Welding Consumable for P91 material CM-95B91 with the chemical composition. In the second session, Mr. Toshiharu Maruyama outlined all the basics of Stainless Steel, its weldability & consumables selection for the welding.

  • Dr. Samuel Hill, from University of Warwick, UK, visited BHEL Trichy and gave a talk on “NDE in hot condition of jobs” on Wednesday, 29th April 2015, at Quality Conference Hall. The NDE team from WRI interacted in detail in some of the potential applications. Prof. Prabhu Rajagopal from IITM also joined.
  • Dr. N. Easwara Prasad, Scientist ‘G’ & Regional Director, RCMA delivered a lecture on “Fatigue and Fracture Based Design” at WRI on April 23, 2015. He covered the basics of fatigue design, applicability of low cycle and high cycle fatigue testing and also brought out clearly the inadequacies in conventional and fracture mechanics-based design. The talk was exhaustive and covered various aspects pertaining to fatigue-based design. Executives from departments like Engineering, ATP, Plant Lab, WRI, professors and students of Metallurgical Engineering Department of NIT, Trichy and students of BHELES-PSGCT PG Certification programme attended the workshop




  • Mr. Alfredo Undadestia, Technical Expert, Tubacex, Spain delivered a talk on the materials for AUSC boiler technology on May 19, 2015. He covered the physical and welding metallurgy of the materials.


    • Mr. Wang Fangwei, Technical Expert, Jiuli Products, China spoke about the tubes of Nickel alloys 800 and 617.             




  • Mr. Claude Bouillot, Technical Manager, M/s Air Liquide Welding France delivered a lecture on “Flux Cored Submerged Arc Welding” on 02nd February 2013.
  • A talk on "Process and Quality Improvement through Arc Welding Signature Analysis" by Prof. Dietrich Rehfeldt, University of Hanover, Germany, was conducted on 23rd Feb 2013.
  • Dr. Andre Schneider, Director, Vallourec Research Center, Mr. Bruno Lefebvre, Manager, Technical Customer Services, M/s V&M gave technical presentations on AUSC boiler grade materials-Alloy 617, T24 and VM 12 on 28th Feb 2013.
  • Mr. D S Honavar, Chairman, M/s Honavar Electrodes Limited, Indore visited WRI on 19th Jan 2013 and gave a talk covering various aspects of welding.
  • A Lecture on “The Global Trends In Engineering Education And The Challenges Ahead For Indian Researchers” was delivered by Dr. R. Rudramurthy, Principal, PSG Tech. Coimbatore on 23/04/2013.
  • Mr. Vishal D Mehta, Director, M/s Supertech Services Pvt Ltd, Pune visited WRI along with Mr. Neil Le Quesne, Director, M/s K TIG, Australia and Mr. Laurie Jarvis, Director R&D, M/s K TIG, Australia and made a presentation about the high performance K TIG process on 29th May 2013.
  • M/s Takeo Noguchi, Toshihide Ono, Takeshi Muramatsu from M/s Nippon Steel & Sumitomo made a presentation on the new materials on 17th May 2013 at Purchase Conference Hall, attended by WRI officials.
  • M/s GE Inspection Technologies, Bengaluru gave a presentation on PAUT and demonstrated the capabilities of their PAUT equipment USM Vision for tube to tube butt welds.
  • Dr. Ingbert Klopfer from M/s Rumul resonant fatigue testing machines gave a presentation on “Resonant fatigue testing and its applications” on 18th July 2013.
  • Dr. Raghu Prakash, Professor, IIT Madras, visited WRI and gave a talk on the efforts taken with regard to the development of a Scooping Tool for miniature specimen evaluation on 3rd July 2013.
  • Dr.Zhongjie Liu from the welding product division, OTC Daihen visited WRI on October 7, 2013 and gave a talk on recently developed process called Anti wind welding.
  • Mr. Takashi Yamamoto from Panasonic Welding Systems Co. Ltd., Japan andMr.Aman Jain from Panasonic Welding Systems India Ltd. visited WRI on November 26, 2013 for apresentation on product range including new developments at Panasonic welding systems.
  • Mr Rakesh Chowdhury, Head, Indian Operations, Cloos (Cloos India, Pune) gave a presentation on some of the innovative developments in Robotics, Automation and Advanced Power Sources from Cloos.
  • Mr Mamoro Nagao, Mr Horiuchi Koji and Mr Namba Shigenobu from M/s Kobe Special Tubes Co. Ltd.(KST), Japan and Mr Iitaka Kimihiro from M/s Metal One Corporation, Japan gave a presentation on TP 347 HFG tubes, Boiler tubes for waste fired power plants, Exfoliation control by alloying design technologies, Inconel 800, etc.
  • Mr Bhavin Dave, Huaheng Welding Co. Ltd. gave a presentation on “Huaheng Welding – Welding Automation Solutions”
  • Mr D .S. Honavar, Chairman, Honavar Electrode Pvt Ltd. delivered a lecture on “Diffusible H2 Content in Weldments”.
  • R. Easwaran, GM (WRI & Labs) delivered an invited talk on “Introduction to Failure Analysis – A Broad Spectrum” at NIT Trichy in connection with the workshop on Failure Analysis organised by Society for Failure Analysis (SFA) at NIT, Trichy on 17th October 2014. A Chapter of SFA was also inaugurated on that day.
  • Dr. G. Ravichandran, AGM/WRI delivered a lecture on “Failure Analysis – A Mechanical Engineer’s Perspective” in the workshop on Failure Analysis organised by Society for Failure Analysis at NIT, Trichy on 17th October 2014.
  • Mr. R. Easwaran delivered an invited talk at Ordnance Factory, Tiruchirappalli on “Business Excellence through improvement of Quality Processes” on Nov 28, 2014
  • Dr. A. Lawrence delivered a talk on “ Water Chemistry Practices for Minimising BTF” in the workshop organized by M/s DVC at Chandrapur
  • Dr. P. R. Venkateswaran, SDE/WRI delivered a talk on “Solar Photovoltaic Installation” and “Power Sources for Welding” during the EEE Association Inauguration in Department of EEE, Annamalai University on November 05, 2014